Attention & Regulation

When explaining the reason for inattention, Brain Harmony therapists reference the Pyramid of Learning by Wiliam and Shellengerger, 1-4.


Our programs focus on the maturation of the lower levels of the central nervous system as they provide the foundation for an individual’s attention center. We will also assess an individual with attention issues for vestibular and reflex maturity along with functional eye movements.

 Families are thrilled to learn they no longer need to be dependent upon external factors such as stimulant pharmaceuticals to compensate for a disorganized brain. Our programs rewire the brain and organize the neurological system with many families working with their prescribing physicians to no longer need pharmaceuticals.

 “I am thrilled with my son’s progress! He is more calm, more comfortable in his own skin and more focused. Brain Harmony was a real game changer for him. He participated in IQ, cognitive and neurological testing done a few weeks ago. The therapist reported that he no longer meets the diagnostic criteria for an ADHD. Brain Harmony has been life-changing. I am forever grateful.” –Mom of Brain Harmony client for 6 months

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