Behavioral Concerns

Poor behavior is a common theme related to all of the major disorders treated at Brain Harmony, including ADHD to learning ability to ASD.  Frequently, parents attempt to address the behavior concerns with cognitive therapy like positive reinforcement, applied behavior analysis (ABA) or pharmaceuticals including stimulants which fall short in making long standing changes to the autonomic nervous system upon which all human responses are based.

 Instead, the Occupational Therapists at Brain Harmony analyze the state of the individual’s neurological system especially the sensory system to understand the root cause of the behavior. “Self-control, self-management, anger control, and impulse control all describe people’s ability to adjust their level of alertness and how they display their emotions through their behavior to attain goals in socially adaptive ways (Bronson, 2001). In other words, self-regulation is the ability to establish and maintain an optimal state for a given situation. This includes regulating one’s sensory needs, emotions, and impulses to meet the demands of the environment, reach one’s goals, and behave in a socially appropriate way. For example, given a stressful or frustrating experience, a person who can self-regulate well is able to remain calm and organized in order to successfully negotiate the event. If a person who struggles with self-regulation encounters the same frustrating experience, he or she may have difficulty coping and display less adaptive behaviors.” Per Sensory Integration Volume 36, Number 4, Dec 2013 published by American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.

 Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer of Brain Harmony and Occupational Therapist with 22 years of experience, Carol Garner-Houston, OTR/L states “Occupational therapists are highly qualified in assessing the state of the neurological system and how it relates to a child’s behavior. When we find holes in the system which frequently includes a weakened vestibular system, poor ocular motor control and the presence of infantile reflex patterns, parents can begin to understand the cause for their child’s immature and disorderly behavior. We provide the best practices and most powerful modalities to organize the central nervous system to a brain stem level. The outcomes are an intact sensory and autonomic nervous system which allows the child to flourish.”

 “My son’s meltdowns have decreased in frequency, intensity and duration! I am seeing less childish behavior! There is no question, Brain Harmony is working!"

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