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How much does this cost?

Each program is unique to the needs of the person needing help.  Initially, we offer a complimentary consultation with a trained therapist, so we may understand needs and devise a program that is customized for you and/or your child. 

  • Brain Harmony Home Program 1 with iLs and SSP  Initial fee of $395 plus $260 per month. This program includes a month-to-month equipment lease and video conferencing coaching sessions with a licensed occupational therapist.  You are free to cancel at any time. At the completion of 10 months, the equipment is yours to keep and many people do.  Additionally, we do not charge to develop and support listening programs for every member of your family; it is a free service from Brain Harmony. If you would like to purchase the equipment outright the cost is $2,300 (a $300 savings!) and full support for 10 months will be provided.

  • Brain Harmony Home Program 2 with iLs  is $260 per month. This program includes a month-to-month equipment lease and video conferencing coaching sessions with a licensed occupational therapist. You are free to cancel at any time. At the completion of 10 months, the equipment is yours to keep and many people do. 

  • Brain Harmony Home Program 3 with Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) $395. This program includes a pre-test and post-test, shipping costs to and from your home for the modality, unlimited use of the equipment for a recommended and agreed upon time period and coaching with a licensed therapist.

  • Dreampad This therapeutic tool ranges from $149-$179, depending on the type of pillow you prefer.

  • Alpha-Stim This therapeutic device may be purchased for $795 (a $300 savings!) or leased for $150 per month. After 7 months of rental, the device is yours to keep and most people find it so helpful, they do. A physician’s prescription is required to order this device. 

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Are Brain Harmony services covered by my insurance?

At this time, insurance companies do not pay for occupational therapy via video conference. 

How do I schedule a complimentary consultation with Brain Harmony?

To schedule a free over-the-phone consultation simply click here, and fill out out short questionnaire. 

What is the response time after requesting a consultation?

Immediate. At Brain Harmony, we pride ourselves on exceptional and personal service. Upon completing the questionnaire, you will select a time slot for your telephone consultation. If you do not see an available or desirable time slot please call 888-272-4650 and we will help you. We will also address consultations more urgent in nature.

How long do we use a program before seeing results?

Brain Harmony is focused on achieving results for those we serve. Although every person’s brain is different, in general we see the following:

  • The Safe and Sound Protocol – By starting with SSP, we calm the social and emotional state thereby allowing our friends to be better available for therapeutic input.  Interestingly, once we calm the nervous system, we may see lots of gains including gross motor skills, fine motor skills, improved eye contact, improved engagement and reduction of auditory sensitivities.  All after listening for one hour a day for 5 days in a row.  The results from SSP are often seen right away for some while for others the improvements may not be easily recognized.

  • iLs Focus System – This is the real brain changer.  This system retrains parts of the brain involved in learning, communication, and movement.  On average, we begin to see small changes within two weeks.  Generally, our users experience an overall sense of calm, improved eye contact, and social engagement.  This tells us the brain is becoming better organized; and to keep listening!  The Focus System is a longer listening program with continual positive outcomes or inch stones of improvement after listening. 80% of our families will lease this equipment for 10 months while others achieve their goals after only four months.

Will I be working with a licensed professional?

Absolutely.  All Brain Harmony therapists are licensed occupational therapists or certified occupational therapy assistants specially trained in the Brain Harmony program model.  Additionally, they are all iLs and SSP associates; signaling additional expertise specifically in these modalities and this equipment.

How is the program tailored for myself or child?

When beginning the program or obtaining the complimentary consultation, we will have you complete a questionnaire on the family member being treated.  Based on the interview and the completion of the Measure of Foundational Abilities (MFA) online screening process, we will devise a program customized for you.  Throughout your Brain Harmony experience, your therapist will communicate with you frequently to adjust or change the program based on your progress.


Should I come to a Brain Harmony location for an evaluation before we start?


It is your choice if you would like to come to a Brain Harmony location to complete an in-person occupational therapy evaluation but it is not required

For those who do not live close to one of our clinics or cannot travel, we will have you complete an online screening called the Measure of Foundational Abilities (MFA).  Additionally, you may send us completed evaluations from other professionals.  The combination of a consultation interview, answers to the MFA questionnaire, and other professional reports will provide us the necessary information to focus and recommend your listening program.

Brain Harmony clinics are located in the Florida Panhandle (Northwest Florida).  Some families will enjoy vacationing at the beaches and schedule an evaluation as well as other services while visiting one of Florida’s loveliest spots.

My child is in therapy already. Will this conflict with current therapy?

No.  All of the programs we offer may be integrated into your current therapy program so it will accelerate the progress you make.

At Brain Harmony, we think money may be wasted on therapy when your brain is disorganized.  Organize the brain first and many issues that you seek to improve will resolve themselves.

To help our home program families coordinate care with their local therapists, we recommend that your local therapist attend one or some of your video conference(s) with your Brain Harmony therapist.  We will ensure proper coordination and to answer any questions that your therapist may have regarding incorporating our tools into your therapy plan at home or with them.

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