Brain Harmony's Home Program 2 (Month-to-Month Lease) - $260

Brain Harmony's Home Program 2 (Month-to-Month Lease) - $260

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The Focus 60 Rental System with iPod Touch comes complete with the following:

  • Apple iPod Touch® - includes more than 200 hours of CD-quality music processed by iLs

  • iLs Focus Amplifier - powers and regulates the volume of the bone and air conduction headphones

  • iLs iPod-to-Amp Cable - high-fidelity cable that delivers audio from the iPod to the iLs Focus Amplifier

  • BC Headphones – professional headphones customized with bone conduction technology

  • iLs Waist Pack – to protect the iLs Focus Amplifier and iPod

  • Integration Kit - balance board, bean bags, racquetball, hanging tennis ball, headband, carrying case and Playbook

  • Chargers for Amp and iPod

  • Pre-loaded Dreampad music app

The Focus 60 is loaded with the following iLs programs in 60-minute sessions and extras:

  • Calming/Prep: 10-session program

  • Sensory Motor: 60-session program

  • Concentration & Attention: 40-session program

  • Reading & Auditory Processing: 40-session program

  • Optimal Performance I&II: 24 sessions each

  • Playbook Videos: demonstrations of the Playbook Activities

  • Bone Conduction Test: unique feature to demonstrate/test bone conduction output

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