Learning Ability

The acquisition of reading, writing, math and other academic skills is dependent upon a normally-developed nervous system. Communication between the brain’s two hemispheres and integration of the sensory input from the eyes, ears and motor systems must be intact for adequate response to intervention. By  providing       appropriate   auditory, visual  and vestibular stimulation, Brain Harmony’s programs accelerate maturity of the nervous system thereby improving the ability to learn.


Data on 44 students was collected to measure the effect if iLs on students with learning difficulties while attending Sylvan Learning Center. The students completed Sylvan Math and reading tests prior to and after the iLs programs. The iLs Measure of Foundational Abilities (MFA) an on-line assessment was also completed pre and post.

The students ranged from 3rd-12th grade and represent a variety of learning difficulties, including reading, auditory processing and attention deficits. Results showed that on average, student’s math and reading scores improved by approximately 1.2 years after the 40 hour program. Average improvements on the MFA categories were as follows: Social/Emotional (54%), Auditory/Language (48%) and Organization, Attention and Cognitive (54%), Motor Skills (37%) and Sensory (34%).

“This is going really great! My son is reading really well these days. He has had a lot of success. He is taking more accountability and pride for things. He is taking more ownership in how he factors in what will happen. He has moved through the 4th grade workbook and are almost done with his 5th grade workbook!”

 –Mom of home schooled client with ADHD, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia and High Functioning Autism.

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