Optimal Brain Performance

Brain Harmony Occupational Therapists serve students, athletes, professionals and executives of all ages to achieve better attention, mental acuity and motor coordination.


A total of 20 public school children participated in a 3 month iLs pilot study during 2008-2009 school year. The results include a pre and post standardized test scores as well as teacher comments. This was not a controlled study. Students who were receiving academic intervention or therapy were not taken out of those programs during the pilot period.

The 20 children were selected by the teachers and administration staff of the 4 participating schools. They were a combination of special education and general education students, some having IEPs and/ or formal diagnosis, others had neither.

 Llyne Engel, Rocky Mountain Elementary Physical Therapist, summed up the results of the study by saying “The thing that was really exciting was that all the kids saw huge gains. Especially in the visual perceptual tests, almost everyone’s improvements were off the charts. The confidence change was also across the board. The kids seemed to begin to see themselves as learners whereas before the program, many of them saw themselves as losers. Every single child has come and asked if they could do the program again. Every single parent called or came in to ask if their child could do it again. It has been amazing.”

 “It is all about the results. When you combine the best therapeutic tools delivered by highly specialized therapists, the outcomes are astounding.”

-Chief Medical Officer, Occupational Therapist at Brain Harmony.

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