Ellen’s son Conor was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and slight ADHD.

He would have multiple breakdowns, hide, and was perpetually scared. Despite hearing discouraging remarks from Conor’s initial behavioral specialists, Ellen refused to lose hope that Conor’s condition would improve. 2 days after completing his first five day protocol with Brain Harmony, Conor made eye contact and socially engaged in a way his family had never witnessed before.

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“By the time he started second grade, he was a different kid. He walks through the halls differently, he holds his head differently. He was comfortable in his skin, he was a happier child… It works… When you have this therapy in your home and you’re using it and encouraging your child to use it.. it’s going to change your life. And I know that is a bold statement.. but it’s going to change your life. It really is.”