Speech, Language & Communication

Frequently under the direction of Occupational Therapists at Brain Harmony, families experience more speech and language development than with speech therapy alone.

 "She is doing really well!!" My daughter is experiencing real improvement in her speech and articulation! Her speech therapist reported that they had the best session they have every had this past week. Her grandparents noticed a huge improvement with her speech as well. Her behavior has gotten better too. She is better at pretend play and is able to interact with her younger brother for 15-20 minutes whereas before it was 1-5 minutes. I am thrilled with Brain Harmony’s program!” –Mom of Brain Harmony client

 Brain Harmony’s muti-sensory approach provides a means to enhance sensory input while continuing to address targeted speech-language and voicing goals, enhance auditory and language processing skills, and address the organizational components of speech and language.

Case Study:

 Rosemary's mother came to Brain Harmony after her daughter's VPK teacher gloomily told her that she didn't expect Rosemary to pass Kindergarten. She couldn't remember names and sounds of letters; her speech was limited and hard to understand with a large percentage of speech in "baby talk". Rosemary knew something wasn't going right for her at school and her concern was manifesting with anxiety and passivity. Her Occupational Therapist and mother knew how fragile she was at that juncture of development so they chose the home rental program so Mom could give her child organizing input on a daily basis instead of waiting for 1x week visits in a typical clinic setting. The family's listening diligence paid off. Rosemary became a leader in her class and was enthusiastically promoted to the next grade with above mastery in all areas including phonetics, writing and math. Her therapists states “These types of outcomes are just not experienced in the typical medical model. Our programs create The joy of learning through neurological organization. Shine on Rosemary!”

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