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We started the iLs therapy at the end of last year and it has been such a game changer for us. I have seen a complete shift in my son’s ability to control his emotions & avoid meltdowns. He is more receptive to re-direction and better grasps the consequences of his actions. He is more focused and less oppositional/argumentative. He is still his quirky self, but it is like this therapy has cleared the cobwebs, calmed and centered him more so that he can be more fully himself, as well as more comfortable and confident in his skin.

I have been paying someone to stay with him at his homeschool group to help keep him on track and make sure he is removed from the situation if he becomes overly distracting to the class. The teacher approached me after the last class and suggested that he no longer needs to have someone there with him any longer. This is HUGE for us. My goal was to get him to the point where he could manage on his own in a classroom setting and I truly believe iLs and Brain Harmony is what helped him get there!
— Nick's Mother

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David - Attention & Regulation Success

When David first came to Brain Harmony he was anxious, very distractible and awkward.  He was in conventional occupational therapy in a large health system for over two years however he had not seen any improvements in handwriting, academics nor his nervous energy. 

"He used to be my problem child who struggled in school especially reading and writing.  Now he is my A/B, honor-roll child who unexpectedly became the quarterback of his football team.  My son is the self-confident child I always wanted him to be.  Thank you, Brain Harmony!" - David's Mother

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Ellen - Speech & Language Success

Lorelai - Dyslexia Success

Lorelai hated reading and would throw horrible tantrums before going to school.  She was eventually diagnosed with Dyslexia.  Neither school nor traditional therapy made much of a difference. 

"Just the other day, I found Lorelai reading a book quietly in her room, which is something she never did before.  Not only is she reading them, but she can narrate the stories back to me, which means she's processing the information!  I cannot thank Brain Harmony enough!" - Lorelai's Father

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Baylie - Auditory Processing Success

Tommy - Behavioral Concern Success

Tommy tortured himself, his teachers and his classmates at school.  He wined and cried often.  Sitting still for reading was impossible; he needed to get up, touch others and run around.  He would throw horrible fits when it was time to change subjects or go to a different class room.  Tommy was suspended from school often.  Mom and Dad both worked and the suspensions were putting their employment at risk. 

"I received two, nice compliments today regarding my child's behavior.  Not only have we seen a huge difference, I was asked today if Tommy was put on medication.  I proudly said, 'no, he is receiving therapy under the direction of Brain Harmony.' Thank you so much from the sincerest part of my heart." - Tommy's Mom

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Ashley - Prader Willi Sydrome Success

Ellen had low self-confidence.  She often appeared to be disinterested in kindergarten and had a flat affect.  She rarely spoke but when she did it was hard to understand. 

"I couldn't believe my eyes when I came to pick her up from school.  I watched as she initiated conversation with other children.  Thank you Brain Harmony for helping Ellen to be so confident.  Today she is quiet talkative, initiates conversations and is a very busy bee!" - Ellen's Mother

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Grace - Learning Ability Success

Grace came to Brain Harmony reading 4 years below her peers.  She had problems reading, spelling and retaining information taught to her the previous day.  Grace rarely initiated conversation with others and she would often shut down in group situations.  Additionally, Grace would only walk on her tip toes and she would often skip and pace around the room. 

"You were the first ones who could give me an answer to unlock my child.  It was like she was trapped and you let her out.  I can't believe the difference.  After only 6 months, she is reading at my level.  Thank you, Brain Harmony!" - Grace's Mother

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Cooper - Sensory Processing Success

Cooper struggled at home, on the playground and at school.  He was so sensitive to sound that he could not participate in basic childhood activities, like birthday parties.  A popped balloon or a neighbor's dog barking would send Cooper into hysterical meltdowns that left him and Mom exhausted. 

"Brain Harmony is AMAZING!  Our son has experienced outstanding (almost unbelievable) progress in their care.  They have effectively changed the trajectory of our son's life.  As a result, he is a happier, healthier, little man with a very hopeful perspective on his issues.  We are immensely grateful and will forever hold Brain Harmony in the highest regard." - Cooper's Mom

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Ethan - Down Syndrome Success

Before Ethan started Brain Harmony, he functioned at an 18-24 month old level. Ethan was 11 years old at the time. He would need multiple physical and verbal cues in order to complete a single task, and sometimes that wasn’t enough for him to get something done. 

“After the Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) and iLs, Ethan started making HUGE cognitive gains! He knows how to get a drink out of the faucet, he understands how to put his laundry in his bag, and he not only opens doors but turns the knob.  He has started to close doors rather than swinging the door open and charging through! He is also thinking things through now. For example, after being handed his pajama shirt to put on, rather than trying to put the shirt on over his clothes, he actually first took off his daytime shirt and then put on his pajama shirt! I was so excited!" – Ethan's Mom

Baylie had trouble retaining the names of letters and learning the sounds associated with those letters.  She also showed a general clumsiness and had difficulties with hand-eye coordination. 

"I was so proud when Baylie's teacher told us that she has vibrant conversation, she is connecting with other children and she is engaging in the classroom.  The iLs home program through Brain Harmony has been remarkable."  - Baylie's Mom

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Anne - Stress & Sleep Success

Anne had sleep problems most of her young life.  She came to therapy for irritability, oppositional behavior and tantrums that lasted hours on end.  At times, she shared feelings of self-loathing and guilt.  Anne was only 8 years old at the time. 

"Brain Harmony recommended Anne start with the DreamPad at night.  I was shocked what a difference this pillow made right from the start.  We began using the pillow every night which changed Anne's and our family's lives.  Almost immediately she began to have 'good days'.  We won't go anywhere without her DreamPad." - Anne's Mother

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Greg - Optimal Performance Success

Greg wanted to be a better soccer player.  Unfortunately Greg was the child no one picked to be on their team.  He was clumsy, would fall over when trying to kick and would often trip on his own feet.  Greg was a liability on the field. 

"As a parent, I want the best for my child.  I had to do something to help Greg and fortunately I found Brain Harmony and iLs.  At the end of the first tournament, the coach awarded him the MVP award for his team.  He is now one of the best on the field and everyone wants Greg on their team because he is scoring!" - Greg's Mom

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Ready to Experience the Difference?

Ashley was diagnosed with Prader Will Syndrome as a baby.  She suffered from gross motor delays, incontinence at night, had trouble regulating her temperature and required significant amount of time to process small amounts of information. 

"Five weeks into the program, Ashley stated, 'I'm cold.'  She had never commented on her temperature before.  IN addition, she had started to climb up her swing set and slide without falling and she started to pull herself up out of the pool instead of using the stairs.  Furthermore, I am happy to say that she has woken up dry 16 of the last 18 nights.  AT her most recent parent/teacher conference, her math teacher was nearly bursting to tell us that she had solved a math problem in 8 seconds!  Thank you Brain Harmony and iLs!" - Ashley's Mom

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Griffin - Autism Spectrum Success

Griffin's parents sought help when Griffin was 2 years old.  He was sensitive to sound and had not started to speak like other children his age.  He would spend hours playing alone and rarely engaging other children.   

"When our son was diagnosed with autism, we were crushed.  This program has been nothing short of miraculous for our family.  It has returned our son to us and given him the ability to achieve his full human potential." - Griffin's Dad

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Susan - Brain Injury Success

Susan was 60-years old when she sustained a brain stem injury in a car accident.  Since the accident, she was unable to tolerate noisy or crowded environments.  She also had trouble with her balance and coordination. 

"Thank you iLs!  I feel like myself.  I am now able to attend church, go to restaurants, and attend meetings since my accident.  My balance has improved tremendously and I am now taking Zumba classes!" - Susan

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