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Treatment Methods

Our award-winning protocols are fully individualized and designed to address the unique needs of each patient.  Depending on you or your family member’s needs, Brain Harmony will develop a plan of care that combines the most powerful neuroplastic tools with therapeutic activities and protocols designed to drive outcomes all from the comfort of your own home.

Read more about our most often utilized treatment tools below:

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Alpha-Stim AID

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The alpha stim AID is a cranial electrotherapy stimulation device that relieves symptoms of anxietyinsomnia, and depression  quickly and safely without depending on medication.

The current is applied with easy-to-use clips that attach on the ear lobes for at least 20 minutes several times a week, or on an as-needed basis. Alpha-Stim can help induce a pleasant, relaxed feeling of well-being.


Alpha-Stim is a clinically proven medical device that relieves anxiety, insomnia and depression using electromedical technology. Alpha-Stim generates a unique patented waveform no other device can offer. Much like every white pill is not the same, the uniqueness of Alpha-Stim’s waveform produces results vastly different from any other medical device. Beginning at the electron level, Alpha-Stim allows your body’s cells to return to their natural functioning state. It provides long lasting, cumulative relief without the risk of negative effects such as tolerance and addiction to medications.

There are over 95 research studies and published reports, as well as ongoing research, patient surveys, and professional endorsements, all supporting the safety and efficacy of Alpha-Stim. 

Brain Harmony provides prescriptions for the device, education on how to use the device and coaching from an occupational therapist on the application of the device.


iLsFocus System


The iLs Focus System is a multi-sensory device that retrains the brain in the areas of learning, communication and movement. Focus System programs provide simultaneous multisensory input to help develop new and reinforce existing pathways governing organization of the body and brain function. Therapeutic music is delivered via iLs’ air and bone conduction headphones, providing auditory input to the brain and sensory input to the body. Movement activities, customizable for all levels, provide additional sensory and motor input for body organization. Finally, cognitive activities, added later, challenge the brain to process multiple pieces of simultaneous information, which is reflective of demands required of the brain in our day-to-day world.


Especially in younger people and those recovering from injury, this staged approach develops a foundation that may never have been fully developed or was interrupted due to an event. With appropriate stimulation, the brain’s ability to successfully process and retain information leads to better academic outcomes. In addition, there is an increased ability to control impulses, self-regulate behavior and engage appropriately with others.

Teens and adults also see improvement in these areas, as well as improvement in reading comprehension, concentration, memory and performance at work. Most report less stress and anxiety and a happier disposition.



The Safe and Sound Protocol

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a five-day auditory intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience. Based on Dr. Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, by calming the physiological and emotional state, the door is opened for improved communication and more successful therapy.


The SSP is a research-based therapy showing significant results in just five days in the following areas:

Social and emotional difficulties, Auditory sensitivities, Anxiety and trauma related challenges, Inattention, Stressors that impact social engagement

How it works:


The music trains the auditory pathways by focusing on the frequency envelope of human speech. As the client learns to process these speech-related frequencies, they improve the functioning of two cranial nerves that are important for promoting overall social behavior. Cranial Nerve VII (Facial Nerve) helps clients focus on human voice and tune out irrelevant frequencies. Cranial Nerve X (Vagus Nerve) enables self-soothing and autonomic regulation.

Following successful completion of the intervention, individuals will be better able to focus in school, therapy, and everyday life and experience a calmed emotional and physiological state.  This is based on studies that suggest that skills such as attention, state regulation and the ability to engage socially will be enhanced.


Voice Pro


The VoiceProTM is an exciting and unique tool designed to help children and adults improve various auditory processing skills such as phonemic awareness, auditory memory, auditory figure ground and dichotic listening. The VoicePro allows a new approach to articulation, fluency, auditory processing, social communication.

  • Improves carry-over by integrating speech with functional movement

  • Includes auditory processing exercises, such as AFG, dichotic listening and filtered words

  • Provides direct auditory feedback while practicing fluency shaping techniques

  • Enhances social communication and pragmatic language therapy

Air/bone conduction headphones with built-in microphone allow for movement during functional language training and the direct voice/ear feedback loop amplifies voice, promotes and improves auditory processing.

Air/bone conduction headphones with built-in microphone allow for movement during functional language training and the direct voice/ear feedback loop amplifies voice, promotes and improves auditory processing.




The Dreampad is a patented sleep aid guaranteed to give you a great night’s sleep. Soothing music is played through the Dreampad with a gentle vibration, which signals the nervous system’s relaxation response, making it easier to slow down and fall asleep peacefully.

The Dreampad is equally effective for all ages, and particularly helpful for those experiencing stress, anxiety, sleep disturbances. An additional benefit of the Dreampad is that only the user can hear the music.


The Dreampad has been tested with various populations, including adults, children, war veterans with PTSD, children with autism and sensory processing difficulties.  



Every time we speak we hear ourselves in two ways: externally and internally.  Our voice carries through the air waves and enters our outer ear; simultaneously, the vibration from our larynx is carried by the body (primarily our bones, which are excellent conductors) to the inner ear.  Have you ever noticed that your voice sounds different when you’re hearing it played back in a recording?  The difference is because you’re not getting the resonance of the internal sound you receive when you speak.

The Dreampad technology replicates this natural process by playing music through transducers which convert the music into a vibration that travels internally to your inner ear.

One positive aspect of this is that you’re not disturbing others in the room when you’re using the Dreampad.  More importantly, as the vibration moves toward the bony area surrounding your middle and inner ear, it is triggering your body’s relaxation response.  Clinical data by researchers suggests that the calming effect of the Dreampad is a result of the vibrational music stimulating the vagus nerve, which in turn activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS).  Our PNS helps us regulate stress – if we’re in a state of hyper-arousal, or elevated stress, the PNS is the part of our nervous system which brings us down to a calmer place where we can relax and fall asleep.

The Dreampad has a 30 day money back guarantee.


Not sure which treatment method is right for you or your family member?

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