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Tired of Making Little To No Gains With Traditional Therapy?

Contact us today to learn how Brain Harmony can help you. Schedule a free telephone consultation at your convenience using our booking form below, or for live assistance, call our trained specialists at 888.272.4650. Available Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm central time.

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What To Expect With Your Initial Consultation


During the consultation, we review the results of the Brain Harmony quiz, medical history, and discuss the greatest pain points you or your family member may be struggling with.  With these early indications, we recommend a plan of care, discuss what resources are required to implement this framework within the home, what outcomes they can expect to achieve, as well as the cost of the custom program.

  • Learn about some of the most advanced therapies for improving emotional and cognitive functions.

  • Obtain an understanding as to why traditional therapies are not successful.

  • Meet one of the founders of Brain Harmony.

  • Discuss the Plan of Care that Brain Harmony recommends for you or your family member(s)

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Brain Harmony provides the most powerful and proven therapies to help children and adults with any type of learning or performance difficulty. From autism spectrum, attention and regulation issues, strokes, brain injury, sensory processing disorder, concussions, dyslexia or any type of neurological dysfunction, Brain Harmony can help.

Our national, home-based program will bring the therapy into your home at significantly less cost than traditional offerings. Best yet, our programs work and are pennies on the dollar compared to traditional therapies in a clinic. Not only that, you can do it in the convenience of your own home and it is easy to use.


Take the Brain Harmony Quiz: The Measure of Foundational Abilities

Your initial consultation will yield a more comprehensive overview and individualized recommendations if your Measure of Foundational Abilities is submitted prior to your appointment.

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IMPORTANT! Please make note of the timezone you are scheduling in. Consultations for international families will be done through video conference.  You will receive an email just prior to the consultation with the link to connect. 


“I just encourage the moms in our audience to really give it a try. It’s worth taking the time, it’s easy to do; and to me - and to my daughter - it has honestly, truly been life changing.”

- Wendy

(Brain Harmony Patient & Mother of Patient)