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We provide the most powerful and proven therapy to help children and adults with learning and performance difficulties. 

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What We Do

From sensory processing, attention & regulation, autism spectrum and all types of neurological dysfunction, Brain Harmony is focused on accelerated outcomes, support to our families, access to care and helping our friends to become their greatest selves. 

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One of Our Success Stories

Cooper struggled at home, on the playground and at school.  He was so sensitive to sound that he could not participate in basic childhood activities, like birthday parties. A popped balloon or a neighbor's dog barking would send Cooper into disturbing meltdowns that left him and Mom exhausted. 

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Carol Garner-Houston

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer | Brain Harmony

"We are no longer in the space of wondering what to do with these children. We know exactly what to do."

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Lara Garner Shane

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer | Brain Harmony

"Technology is making it possible for the science behind the results to reach anyone who needs it.  If you can’t get to our clinics, we will come to you. We find what works best, ship the modalities to your home and train your family through video conferencing. This allows therapy to be more affordable.  We know our program works. Now our mission is to make it accessible to everyone."

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Tired of making little to no gains with Traditional Therapy?

Contact us Today to learn which modalities Brain Harmony may recommend for your family member.

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