Brain Harmony Home Program 2 with

ils Focus Series 

Brain Harmony provides a unique video conferencing program combining both access to the iLs Focus system and coaching with a Brain Harmony occupational therapist.  The combination of using the iLs’ Focus system and Brain Harmony protocols delivers results. 

In addition to the equipment provided, you will receive,

  • Pre-screen using the Measure of Functional Abilities (MFA) which is an assessment of your sensory, motor, social, emotional, auditory, language, organization, attention, cognition as well as sleep status.

  • Unlimited use of the iLs Focus system each leased month

  • Phone and or video conference support with a Brain Harmony therapist throughout the lease term

  • Ongoing assessment and recommendations of home based exercises based upon each client’s developmental needs

  • The knowledge to manage forward on your own. Brain Harmony has crafted an education program so that over the term of the lease your family will learn how to use this powerful equipment in your home and how to adjust the program to meet the ongoing needs of your family.

Ready to get started? Please select an option of the Brain Harmony iLs’ Home Program 2 to get started today!

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Two Steps To Get Started And See How Brain Harmony Can Help.

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