Brain Harmony sees clients in a clinic setting as well as at home through its unique video coaching program. We can serve anyone who has access to the internet. 

We pride ourselves on finding what works best and helping families get access to those services.  Schedule a complimentary consultation today to learn how Brain Harmony may best support your family.  

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Brain Harmony Home Program 1 with SSP and iLs

This is Brain Harmony's most widely used program for our friends with neuro-developmental concerns.   Combining the two therapeutic modalities  of SSP and iLs along with Brain Harmony protocols drives results. 

Brain Harmony’s Home Program with iLs and SSP is the most often prescribed program for our friends with learning and performance difficulties.  We have found that when SSP and iLs are combined with Brain Harmony’s protocols, great things happen!  This unique program delivers the greatest outcomes in the shortest amount of time.  Each program is customized to an individual’s needs.  We begin with SSP which calms the social and emotional state. This allows the client to be better available for the therapeutic input of iLs.  One week following the completion of SSP, you will begin your iLs listening program.  A Brain Harmony therapist will support you and your family throughout the entire program completing an initial baseline assessment of developmental status, analysis of reflexes, ocular motor function and any other areas of concern throughout the program. 

Brain Harmony Home Program 2 with iLs Focus Series

The  iLs Focus System  is the real brain changer!  iLs retrains the parts of the brain involved in learning, communication and movement.  With this system we will craft a listening program specific to your family member.  The iLs Focus system comes with over 240 hours of therapy.  We will support your family listening through video conferencing with a Brain Harmony occupational therapist. 

The Safe and Sound Protocol is a 5 day therapeutic modality that reduces auditory sensitivity but, more importantly, calms the parasympathetic nervous system.  Often we find our friends with any type of learning or performance challenge, small or large, may be in a constant state of fright or flight.  Often they are constantly on edge or anxious.  By starting with SSP, we calm the social and emotional state thereby allowing our friends to be better available for the therapeutic input of iLs.  Interestingly, when we calm the “nerves” we often see lots of gains after SSP.  Gross motor, fine motor, improved eye contact, improved engagement and reduction of auditory sensitivities to name a few.  All after listening for one hour a day for 5 days in a row. 

Dream Pads

The Dreampad was initially designed as a relaxation tool for children with high levels of anxiety, including those with trauma and autism. As parents and therapists used it, feedback came pouring in -  the product works!  The Dreampad helps calm children and adults of all ages, going to bed is no longer a chore, and parents and kids are sleeping and behaving better. The Dreampad comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Clinic Appointments

Clinic Appointments may be scheduled through the store at one of our three clinic locations.  It is not necessary to schedule an in-person visit at a clinic to get started with a Brain Harmony program.  If you live close to one of our clinics or plan to travel to the area to see us, please complete the form and a member of the Brain Harmony team will contact you within 48 hours to schedule an evaluation.  When completing the form, please let us know if you are traveling from out of the area so we may coordinate your clinic visit with your travel plans. 


Accessories or replacement parts for iLs, Dreampad or SSP may be purchased here.